1. Raptors-Nets Preview

    I’m getting set for the NBA playoffs as a diehard Raptors and would like to point out things to watch for in their first round matchup with the Nets. So lets get started: 

    1. Defending the Horns Offence. 

    The Raptors run a horns offence, with the point guard at the top, two posts on each elbow and the wings on the baseline. Horns can be explained in this video

    Options for the Nets defending this offence: 

    Play small ball: They have found success playing Paul Pierce at power forward and will be playing with this lineup consistently. By going small, all the handoffs and baseline screens can be switched other then Jonas’s matchup that will usually be Miles Plumlee. This allows for possible mismatches do be eliminated.

    Play big: By going big, it allows for the Raptors to get possible mismatches if the Nets switch. If they don’t switch, Brooklyn will have to run scouting reports on whether to go under or over screens for different players, and work for every stop.  


    Raptors will see both options throughout the series, and will have to show the Nets their entire arsenal. When the Nets go small, I wouldn’t mind seeing Salmons sub in for Johnson, to add another scoring threat and also allow for Pierce to not have such a substantial mismatch at the other end.

    2. Williams vs. Lowry

    This PG matchup is awesome, if Williams actually proves he’s the player he can be ;).  Might be a Livingston vs. Lowry matchup if Williams is that bad. I believe Deron will step up, and this will be a competitive matchup. Lowry is a player nobody wants to play against, and is hungry every time he steps on the court. I believe this will exhaust his matchup and possibly the entire Nets roster. 

    3. Andray Blatche

    He has been an absolute nightmare for the Raptors at times. Luckily, his inconsistency will never change, but here is to hoping he wont impose his will on the Raptors, and steal a victory. 

    4. Jason Kidd vs. Dwayne Casey

    These two won an NBA championship together with Dallas, and are now on opposing benches in the playoffs. The strategy for both teams, and adjustments in-game and between games might be the difference maker in this series. 

    5. Role Players

    Vasquez, Salmons, Patterson, Hansbrough, NOVAK :). 

    Thornton, Kirilinko, Anderson, Blatche, Teletovic. 

    Who will put a stamp on this series and send the other team packing? Bench play will be a huge factor as it always is in any playoff series. 

    There are so many things to watch in this series. Will Valanciunas produce double-double dominance in the paint? Can KG produce? Will Demar Derozan outplay the non all star Joe Johnson (see what I did there). 

    The points above are things I’m most interested in watching. I hope our friends down South realize that the Raptors mean business when we win this series in 6 games. 

    Happy Playoffs Everybody! 

  2. Designing the Next Generation of #YEG Agencies

    As a marketing student, I began looking into agencies for summer opportunities and quickly noticed a recurring pattern of organizational structure and service offerings. This lead me to think about how these agencies are preparing themselves for the future of their industry.

    Not too long ago, Blockbuster dominated the movie industry, local retailers were thriving, and cds/dvds were selling. Now were seeing Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes put these companies into the ground. If not now, soon ‘B2C’ companies will be looking for guidance in hope of not falling to the same fate. Clients are under the impression that digital means a basic website with a social media strategy.They are presenting their problems to agencies. Soon they will come to agencies without understanding the problem.

    I’ve begun to ask myself “Why hasn’t Edmonton readied itself for this shift?”. Today they’re asking for a website, but soon enough they’ll be looking for product labs, and more digital offerings that adopt a leaner, more agile way of working. In the next ten years traditional agencies will struggle to adapt to the onslaught of digital unless they look for change. Agencies of Edmonton, it’s time to think digital, and here’s how I’m thinking about it so far.

    Organizational Structure.

    The structure and work system traditional agencies in Edmonton are currently in, will result in a struggle to quickly innovate and collaborate to find “the problem”. A digital side of the company consisting of 2-3 people that build the website, or run the social media, isn’t acceptable anymore. Let’s look at the organizational structure of a traditional agency today: image

    On average, account services makes up 25%* of traditional yeg agencies. On the other hand, people involved with digital or have ‘digital’ attached to their titles makes up for around 5%. For example, Calder Bateman, has 2 employees out of 37 that have digital responsibility.  There’s a need for change.

    Everyone needs to learn and grow together, making up multiple skillsets to adapt to new trends. ‘A players’ want to do more. People need to think outside their day to day and blog, write copy, build the deck, and become more than what their title says they are. Break down the departmental barriers and have everyone in the same circle, together, under a digital umbrella. In Aaron Dignan’s article “The Operating Model that is Eating the World,” he talks about making a shift from employee’s being ‘planners’, to ‘makers’. Planning cannot be the focus of agencies work, but rather building and exploring ideas for their clients. Looking at MVP’s, and exploring proof points for digital tools and ideas, will further an agencies ability to prepare their clients for the digital age we now live in. Walking around some yeg agencies you see the silos, departments, and lack of space for collaboration. For example, if an account services communicates and works with the creative team on a day to day basis, why aren’t they together, in the same room? Have info sessions on new developments in the industry, what other companies are doing, and how to think about it. Whiteboarding, and brainstorming in a room full of strategists will help keep you ahead of the game. Keying on these issues, and springing change will allow agencies to ready themselves for the future.

    Investing in digital.

    Many yeg agencies are confused on defining ‘digital’. They are under the impression that social media, and web development are the core of digital work. Although they are a part of the conversation, there’s more to it. Roles given to employees with ‘digital’ in their title, are to handle the social media strategy, or run their company blog. I’ve read agency blogs where they talk about their accomplishments, not their ideas. It’s frustrating for a student looking for the type of agency they want to work for, when you can’t find out anything about how they think.

    I looked at five interesting agencies in yeg, and searched for their digital work. Based on number of digital hires, work that is digitally focused, and their blogs, I came up with the following scale: This is obviously an oversimplification, but it makes the point.


    Using digital, is a means of finding a way to simplify the world for your clients consumers and innovate your service offerings for the future. It’s getting harder to keep up. Companies like Uber, Makr, and Buzzfeed are changing the way consumers behave. Industry competitors are now looking for ways to increase their digital impact on the market. Creating these digital tools, apps, and interactions is how digital work needs to be looked at. Agencies now need to be able to offer digital products that innovate and change how companies are currently interacting with their customers.

    What to do.

    If digital doesn’t start being the focus of agencies, you may be left behind. Of course a limitation of the environment might be that Edmonton companies don’t need these digital offerings yet. I believe they do. The problem is that clients don’t know they need it, and most agencies don’t know how to deliver it. Edmonton agencies are filled with talented people and great work. I’m sure they are aware of these discussions and are thinking for the future.  If an agency has the digital skill, and approach it needs, they should tap on future clients shoulders. Marketing is becoming more product driven, rather than campaign driven. More hires should include strategists with multiple skills sets. People that think, design, and build digitally. Create a horizontal environment, and find the problem, to prepare your clients for change.


    *Found at LinkedIn and company websites such as CalderRed, and DDB Edmonton

    **From left to right: Calder Bateman, RedtheAgency, DDB, Versett, Lift Interactive 

  3. prostheticknowledge:


    New E-Cigarette system monitors your habit, with analytics accessible with a smartphone app. Nicotine delivery has now become part of the quantified self, from analogue to digital, inventing a new measurement - the ‘vape’ - video embedded below:

    More info at it’s website here

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  4. Coin.

    The times they are a changin.

  5. The United States Angola Somalia China Columbia Burkina Brazil European Union



    Icaro Doria, a Brazilian man, working for a magazine in Portugal started this campaign using real data from the UN and flag images, he’s created whats known as Meet the World. The colors within the flags from its respective country are used to represent current, geographical relevant issues. Take a look.

    This is kind of awesome.

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  7. thetickr:

    What do ya’ll think of this Raptors redesign by Project Thirty-Four?

    Via @JonSavant

    It’s Fantastic!

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